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Employment Law Solutions Consultancy Limited

Employment Law Advice and In House HR Support and Guidance

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Grievance and Discipline Process

Employment Law Legislation. Employers must adhere to an employee’s statutory rights when managing a Grievance and Disciplinary process. Even when the process does not form a part of the contract of Employment.

An employment tribunal judge has the power to up lift any financial compensatory award by 25% should a successful claim be made against you.

Learn how to limit the risks.

Our priority is to help you to reduce the risk of legal action against you and to promote positivity within the workplace.

The dismissal process can be complex. Make sure you avoid a breach of your employees rights. Avoid the unfair dismissal process


Settlement Agreements

Offering an employee a settlement agreement can come with risks. What you should and should not do to avoid an unfair dismissal claim.

Get it wrong and your employee may have a right to make a claim for unfair dismissal against you. No matter how well the agreement is written.

We offer advise on how to approach a settlement agreement.


The Redundancy Process

The expressed rules and  statutory obligations as set out within the Employment Rights Act 1996 apply to the Redundancy Process.

But do you know the pit falls?

There are two types of Redundancy Processes.

Which one is the right one for you?

Get it wrong and your Employee may take legal action against you.


Equality Act 2010

Discrimination in the work place.

Do you know the difference between direct discrimination and indirect discrimination?

Does the company have an Equality policy in place? Do employees have access to the policy?

Reasonable adjustments in the work place. What you really need to know from day one.

Diversity and Inclusion. A policy is not enough.

The gender gap. Equal Pay matters.


Mental Health in the Workplace

What are the mental health issues in your workplace. Recognise the signs.

Learn how to promote positive mental wellbeing within your organisation.

Stress, anxiety and other mental health issues can lead to poor performance within the workplace.

Learn how to manage sick leave and reduce long term absence.

Promote wellbeing and a positive working environment through communication and inclusion.

Be transparent. Let your employees know where to go if they need help.


Counselling in the Workplace

In house counselling offers employees a chance to address personal issues that may be impacting on their work performance.

Support and encouragement demonstrates good employer relations.

Reduce absence from work by identifying problematic issues and offer solutions where possible.

Open channels of communication and promote positivity. Involve employees in work related matters.

Many grievance and discipline matters can be avoided in the workplace through positive relations.

ELS Consultancy can provide a fully qualified counsellor on site or by way of video link to support your employees at all levels within workforce.


Employers must adhere to the rules and their legal obligations as set out in the Employment Rights Act 1996 when managing a redundancy process. Employees have a right not to be dismissed unfairly.

The Redundancy Processes. Which one is the right one for your business. Get it wrong and your employee may take legal action against you.

Discipline and Grievance. The fair process and how to effectively manage your resources.

Diversity and Inclusion promoting equality for all can and will benefit all.

The Equality Act 2010 and the key principals you must adhere to within the workplace.

Mental Health in the workplace and what we can do to support employees.

Flexible working provides benefits for both the employer and the employee.

Reasonable adjustments in the workplace and why you must provide them.

Appraisals and performance reviews promotes evolution and helps you to identify potential employees for promotion.

Other Matters

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