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ELS Consultancy Limited offers advice on employment law matters as well as assistance to help you manage your HR responsibilities successfully. Our consultants hold the Advanced Employment Law level 7 certificate and we are associated members of CIPD. Our highly skilled consultants have many years of experience working with all levels of senior management including Directors and CEO’s. We are proud to say that we can offer assistance at any level within an organisation. Our services are also available to individuals and our rates are extremely competitive in comparison to that of most law firms. We are fully experienced in the Employment Tribunal process and we are proud of our reputation for preventing such action against many organisations.

We are happy to offer you a consultation by video link or at your business premises. Please visit our services page and our testimonial pages for more information. Our contact page can be found below. Or you can telephone to speak to us directly.

Our privacy and data policy can also be viewed at the bottom of the home page. It is important to read our privacy policy when booking an appointment. We abide by the GDPR principles when managing sensitive data that you may wish to share with us.

Contracts of Employment

The content of employment contracts and your employees right to receive the described document is an important part of the employer employee relationship. The law requires that you supply employees with a contract of employment and by a specific date. Implied contracts of employment are equally legally binding even though they may not be written agreements. Often an employer does not realise that they have entered into an implied agreement with an employee. It is important to review contracts of employment especially if you need to negotiate any necessary changes to meet your evolving business needs.  

Employment issues can arise when you least expect them to so it is important to get this right. Employees have a right to be offered a fair and reasonable process in all matters relating to their employment. Happy employees are productive employees and prevention is better than cure. Prioritise effective and compliant processes to prevent an Employment Tribunal claim being made against you. If an Employment Tribunal claim has been brought against you, you will want to establish quickly how likely the case is to be successful. Did you do everything according to the employees statutory and common law rights.  

Discipline and Grievance Process

If you need to manage a discipline or grievance matter with an employee then it is important to manage a fair and reasonable process in accordance with the employees’ rights. Failure to do so may result in legal action being taken against you. If you need assistance to manage an issue that has arisen our consultants can assist you to achieve the best possible outcome. If an Employment Tribunal decides that the process you managed was unfair, the employee will have a right to make financial claims against you. Financial claims against any business can be costly. Attending the tribunal process can be stressful and may cause detriment to the reputation of your company.  

ELS consultants can work onsite with you to help you to prepare to manage the grievance and disciplinary process or we can manage the process for you. Our overriding objective will be to demonstrate that a fair and reasonable process was managed in accordance with employment law.  Ensuring that your employees rights are met can be daunting in the most difficult of circumstances. The financial consequences if your employees rights are breached in any way can be costly. We are here to help you.  

Unfair Dismissal

Unfair dismissal claims can arise for all sorts of reasons and employer’s should not assume that an employee with less than two years’ service has been dismissed fairly. The capped award for unfair dismissal is set at over £80,000. A basic financial award in addition to a compensatory award would also apply. An employment tribunal judge has the power to uplift a capped award by up to 25%. Put the three together and your financial outlay could be considerable. This of course does not include solicitors and barristers fees. As the founder and Managing Director of ELS Consultancy I have personally represented clients during the Employment Tribunal process. I have also prevented this type of action where it has been proven to be possible to do so. Please view our testimonials page. Our client’s would be happy to verify their comments.

Redundancy Process

Before you begin a redundancy process within your organisation it is important to establish what the procedure will be and to ensure that you are compliant with employment law legislation. Employees have legal rights and you as the employer have a legal obligation to manage a fair and reasonable process according to law. Even if you employ less than 20 people. Are there collective agreements. Can you demonstrate that you considered alternative solutions before you make redundancies. Our overriding objective is to promote positive employment solutions to enable you to manage you HR responsibilities in accordance with Employment Law rule. We can help you to prepare and manage the redundancy process.  

We recommend a consultation meeting to establish what your specific needs are.  Please visit our services and testimonial pages for more information. You can arrange an appointment using our contact page below at any time or you can telephone and speak to one of our consultants who will be happy to book an appointment for you. ELS Consultancy also offers advice on settlement agreements, cost reduction incentives, diversity and inclusion, learning and development, accountancy analytics and performance reviews.


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